Share your Math Classroom Moments

We know that GREAT things are happening in our math classrooms. Majority of our students are making progress compared to where they started; with the goal of eventually being math literate and college ready.

Although there are various factors that help build this quality and academic culture, our teachers remain at the core. Their passion for teaching, commitment and dedication allow our students and schools to shine.

Now, in an effort to put all of these great work together, we  need your help.

We ask you to send your “Classroom Moment” in the format of picture, video (preferred),etc., that captures samples of engaging math activities in your class.  Here are some ideas:

  • Using math hands on materials
  • Common core math class best practice
  • Math project presented by your students
  • Real life applications/connections of math or technology you have implemented
  • Using digital textbook/resources, etc.

We will post these pictures or videos on our website and share with your colleagues. This will exemplify another version of collaboration, as we share experiences on the road to preparing our students for more competitive global workforce and equip them with the most needed math skills for 21st century.

Every month, two best “Classroom moments such as math project, common core practice, real life connection/application, etc.” will be published in Concept Schools academic newsletter and Concept Schools Math website-http://math.conceptschools.org/.

You can share as many math classroom pictures, videos, and projects as you want by sending an e-mail to acaputlu@conceptschools.org. Links, resources and hand-outs are welcome.